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Commercial / Retail

Pizza Hut
10 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
Choa Chu Kang MRT Station #01-23
Singapore, 689810
As many people know, Pizza Hut Singapore is the most popular and well known pizzeria in Singapore today. There is many categories for the pizza hut restaurant, which is dine-in, express, delco and super delco. Every single store have different concept. Pizza Hut Choa Chu kang is one of the pizza express.

The location of Pizza Hut Choa Chu Kang is in MRT station that many people pass by. So the design must be eye catching, using the neon lights give a modern and hits by today, which attracts the people who pass through the store. Beside of that, the area of Pizza Express is quite small, so for the walls we used white brick tiles, which is easier for the maintenance and give the spacious looks. The point of this design is the visual graphics that gives the impression of modern and contemporary.
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